TV Trends with SKT – January 2018

//TV Trends with SKT – January 2018

TV Trends with SKT – January 2018

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Recuperate after the holiday rush and ring in a brand-new year with some great TV programming. Five old friends find adventure around the world on the hilarious hit Better Late Than Never. Exercise your right to laugh with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You’ll work up an appetite watching Baked in Vermont. Victoria is a riveting take on the famous 19th century English queen. For a dose of more recent history, watch the Hot Wheels commercial we found.

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5 Friends are Better Late Than Never GLOBE-TROT WITH THE GUYS © 2018 NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Happy New Year Happy New Year
Hot Wheels Ad is a Fast Track to the Past REMEMBER THE RACING RUSH © 2018 Mattel All Rights Reserved.
Baked in Vermont Baked in Vermont Serves
Up a Delicious First Season

Peek inside Gesine Prado’s Sugar Glider Kitchen on Food Network’s new hit show, Baked in Vermont. Take a photo tour of Gesine’s baking do’s and don’ts. Try this recipe for a mouthwatering turkey pot pie with biscuit crust, and wrap it up with this recipe for maple cookies.

© 2018 Scripps Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.

FOX's Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on the Case BUST YOUR TUESDAY BOREDOM ™ and © 2018 FOX and its related entities. All rights reserved.
Victoria Enchants Us Victoria Enchants Us With
Power and Intrigue on PBS

This enthralling series follows petite-yet-powerful Queen Victoria as she navigates the 19th century English court. The actor who plays Prince Albert reveals his favorite romantic moments. Catch a first look at Season 2. Go behind the scenes with the Masterpiece podcast.

© 2018 WGBH Educational Foundation

Multitasking Tips For Your TV Time

Tips For Your TV Time The average American spends nearly three hours watching TV per day. While some TV shows require undivided attention, others lend themselves to simultaneously doing other tasks. Here are some ideas on what to do while you watch TV:

  • Check your email.
  • Do some lunges, push-ups, or sit-ups.
  • Give your pets some love.
  • Dust the furniture.
  • Pay your bills.
  • Fold your laundry.

Isn’t it great to have some fun while you get stuff done?

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