SKT Connection October 2017

//SKT Connection October 2017

SKT Connection October 2017

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Two To View – A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don’t Want To Miss

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Welcome to the Cliffside Shop
This remote pop-up shop is perched on the side of a mountain, and its clerk helps climbers with gear when they need it most.
100 Places of Dance 
So you think you can dance…in 100 places? This guy can! Watch his fun routine performed against different backdrops.

Upgrade To Our Scary Fast Speeds

Spooktacular Special!

How To Make Your Home’s Wi-Fi Faster

Make You Home's Wi-Fi FasterSKT offers lightning-fast Internet speeds, but if your Wi-Fi router is out of date or not set up correctly, it could be slowing you down. Here are some tips to help you maximize router performance and enjoy the Internet speed you ordered:

  • Upgrade your router. If your household has several people—each with a computer, phone, and tablet—plus, there’s a gaming console, your entry-level router’s capacity might be exceeded. A home network with this much online activity warrants the purchase of an upgraded router. One analogy is that if you have fiber or a super-fast connection to your home, it’s like a fire hose. It provides a strong, steady Internet stream; however, if you have an older-model router, then you are forcing that stream through a drinking straw, which doesn’t allow an adequate signal to get to your devices.
  • Move your router to its ideal position. Keep your router centrally located and away from thick walls made of brick or concrete, water, and windows
  • Make sure your router is secure. Putting a password on your router or limiting which devices can access your network will keep other people from using your network and slowing it down.

If you need a new router or have questions about your Wi-Fi network, stop by our office. SKT has two wireless router options available for purchase or for lease.

FREE Featured Apps – These Three Are Well Worth A Look



Found a fascinating article online, but too busy to read it now? Just save it to Pocket, and read it later using any device.

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Cozi helps you keep track of important household information like meal planning, to-do lists, and your family’s schedule.

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This app is the ultimate recipe organizer. View recipes or enter your own, make grocery lists, and get ideas for leftovers.

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Stay Alert – Watch Out For Ransomware

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Go Pinterest-ing! – Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

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Cute Rice Krispie
Monster Treats

Clever and Yummy
Acorn Donut Holes

These Fall Crafts
Are Perfect For Kids

You haven’t started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started? If so, click here.

Sites of the Month – Great Sites To Check Out In October

National Cat Day – Calling all cat enthusiasts: October 29 is a day devoted exclusively to your purr-fect pets. Give them some extra love and attention on that day, and remember all the kitties out there who don’t have a home by donating to your local shelter or adopting a new feline friend.
Mysterious Trips – Love travel, but not travel planning? Then Pack Up and Go might be just the thing for you. The service plans three-day trips based on your schedule, travel preferences, and budget, with one unique catch: the destination remains a mystery until the day you leave!
HGTV Home Sweepstakes – HGTV has remodeled a charming Craftsman style house in the heart of Knoxville, Tenn. Check out the photo gallery to see the amazing transformation of every room and the exterior of the house. Then starting on October 2, enter a sweepstakes for a chance to become its new owner.
Handy Tips For Homeowners – There’s no end to things needing to be done around the house — from preparing food to maintaining the yard to home repairs. Browse The Spruce for ideas like new ways to prepare mac and cheese, water features for your yard, or signs there’s a mouse in your house.

Short Tutorial/FAQ – What’s The Story With The New Birthday Options On Facebook?

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Get A $10 Credit On Your Next Bill!

The first five customers to email the correct answer will receive a $10 credit on their next SKT billing. Send your response to Please note—as a courtesy to all contestants, $10 will be awarded to customers who have not won within the past 60 days, and we’ll list the winners each month.

In the article, “How To Make Your Home’s Wi-Fi Faster,” what is the first sentence of the first bullet point? (Three words only.)

Congratulations to the SIX winners for September’s Connection contest:  Richard J. Cummings, Thomas Davey, Gary Learned, Shari Mills, Shawna Perry, and Charles Reitberger.

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