Managed Wi-Fi

From your home office to your basement to your backyard, the SKT Managed Wi-Fi equipment makes it easy for you to enjoy your reliable, secure, and fast SKT Internet connection everywhere in your home for as low as $9.99 a month.

  Faster, More Reliable Internet Connection

  Free Installation, No Upfront Costs

  Peace of Mind With the No-Worry Program

  More Control of Your Network

  Local, Reliable Service

Experience whole-home coverage in every corner of your home – and beyond.

Upgrade Your Experience With the Best Technology

As you move around the house, you may not always experience the same great Wi-Fi coverage. Poor signal or dead zones can be caused by a number of factors, including the signal traveling a longer distance, too many devices connected, or interference from walls, appliances, or nearby Wi-Fi networks. The GigaCenter Router combined with Mesh Wi-Fi Extenders will help you enjoy strong signals and fast Internet throughout your home or business.  Paired with the right bandwidth, you can enjoy multiple HD streams, super-low latency gaming, and blazing-fast home networking all at the same time.

 Capable of speeds up to 1.3 Gbps

 Detects where devices are and intensifies the signal in their direction

 Firewall and security options with website filtering/blocking

 Routers are automatically updated to the latest software version

Simplify Your Life With the SKT Managed Wi-Fi “No-Worry” Program

You love having a Wi-Fi network, but not the hassles of equipment upgrades and troubleshooting. With SKT Managed Wi-Fi, our team handles it all for you, including installation, connecting devices currently in use, and troubleshooting.


GigaCenter Router Lease: $9.99 Per Month

SKT Mesh Wi-Fi Extender for hard-to-reach areas: $4.00 Per Month

*Some restrictions may apply. Ask for details.

Take control of your Internet Experience with the NetValet App, available on both iOS and Android.

Set and edit Wi-Fi name and password

 Set up a guest Wi-Fi network

 View and name connected devices

 Monitor Internet traffic and view the apps using the most bandwidth

 Set parental controls

If you need to expand your network, an SKT Wi-Fi Mesh will provide you with an additional access point, called a satellite. These satellites “mesh” with your GigaCenter to help you get a strong Wi-Fi signal and eliminate dead spots throughout your home, and even in your garage or backyard. The SKT Wi-Fi Mesh is easy to install, activate, and maintain. For only $4 per month, you can lease the Mesh. FREE INSTALLATION or self-installation if preferred.

  1. Plug in the power cord to the Mesh power port and into the wall outlet.
  2. Press and hold the WPS button on the GigaCenter router for at least five seconds, release the WPS and the LED will blink amber.
  3. Go to the Mesh and hold the WPS button until the signal strength LEDs begin to flash (you have a maximum of 2 minutes between button pushes).
  4. The services should now be paired with each other.

If the signal strength indicator is red, the Mesh is too close to the router. When the LED display is all green or there are three green bars, they are at an optimal distance from each other. Two green bars means the distance between the router and the Mesh will provide adequate results. One green bar means the Mesh is too far from the router.

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