It’s an exciting time to be an SKT customer! Technology changes quickly in the digital age. The time has come to cut the cord, ditch the clunky set-top boxes, and usher in a new era of TV Made for YOU!

Welcome to SKT TV — a new streaming service available NOW exclusively to all SKT Internet customers.*

That’s right, your friends and family in rural SKT Internet service areas can join in on this amazing TV viewing experience too!

What Does This Mean To You?

As a full-featured streaming TV app, SKT TV gives you a superior live TV experience compared to traditional Cable TV. With the new SKT TV app, all the latest features put you in control. HD and Cloud DVR are now included, and set-top boxes are a thing of the past. Start watching your favorite shows, sports, movies, and more at home and on-the-go. After you sign up, connect your favorite online streaming devices to SKT Internet. Then, simply download the SKT TV app and log in. It’s that easy!

Call 888.758.8976 today to sign up for SKT TV. Learn more about SKT TV and watch our video tutorials to review the top features using the most popular devices.

SKT’s traditional Cable TV service will be discontinued and removed from monthly billings as of February 28, 2019. If a current customer has a service issue, we will continue to do basic repairs as usual. No new cable TV, Digital Cable, set-top boxes, outlets, transfers, or reconnects will be done. SKT customers who currently have a bundle with Cable TV included will need to call 888.758.8976 to discuss their options.

We’re phasing out traditional cable TV for a few key reasons:

  1. Our current system is old and near end-of-life. The equipment is outdated and no longer manufactured.
  2. The current system cannot offer the same features as the SKT TV streaming app, such as HD, Cloud DVR, an interactive guide, parental controls, and more, all included.
  3. High-Speed Internet is vital for both families and businesses in rural communities. Your Internet needs are changing quickly and will continue to increase. Due to system limitations, we can’t continue to offer cable TV and increase speeds for Cable Modem Internet customers at the same time. As streaming TV grows in popularity, interest in cable TV has had a sharp decline. It was a difficult decision, but it was clear that providing High-Speed Internet had to be a priority over traditional cable TV.

By mid-2019, we will be able to offer up to four times faster Internet in most Cable Modem and DSL Internet service areas. With faster speeds, you can experience HD streaming, lag-free gaming, video calling, fast web browsing, and more.

Sign up to get more info about new Internet bandwidth options, coming soon, and we will contact you when they’re available.

Transitioning from traditional Cable TV to digital streaming will soon allow us to offer up to 100 Mbps in most Cable Modem service areas. Currently, we can offer up to 25 Mbps with Cable Modem. This includes the following communities: Atlanta, Burden, Cedar Vale, Dexter, Grenola, Howard, Leon, Longton, Moline, and Severy. For other communities served by Cable Modem, additional upgrades are planned for 2020.  

In addition, we will be making upgrades in most DSL service areas to offer up to 75 Mbps. Currently, we can offer up to 20 Mbps with DSL. This applies to those within the city limits of the following communities: Beaumont, Cambridge, Elk Falls, Latham, Piedmont, Reece, and Rosalia.

SKT has designated drop-off points available through March 3 throughout our service area for free recycling:

  • Belle Plaine – City of Belle Plaine, 401 N Merchant
  • Burden – SKT Warehouse, 311 S Main
  • Cedar Vale – City of Cedar Vale, 702 Cedar
  • Clearwater – SKT, 112 S. Lee
  • Howard – City of Howard, 110 N Pine
  • Leon – City of Leon, 111 Main

* SKT Internet connection required. Not available outside the SKT Internet service area. A minimum of 10 Mbps per stream is recommended.