Recently, it has come to our attention that cell coverage is no longer available in the Elk Falls, Grenola, and Longton communities. Depending on your cell phone and carrier, you may be able to use Wi-Fi to place and receive calls and text messages or use another messaging app. While cell service is unavailable, SKT is providing free Wi-Fi around our buildings in these communities. To access it, turn on Wi-Fi on your cell phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Select the SKTWiFi or SKT WiFi 5GHz network. These connections are unsecured, and there is not a password.

Free Wi-Fi Networks: SKTWiFi or SKT WiFi 5GHz   

Locations (signal available surrounding SKT building): 

  • Elk Falls: 162 N. 7th W.
  • Grenola: 213 S. Main
  • Longton: 105 W. 4th 


Check out these tips to allow Wi-Fi calling and texting using your SKT Internet connection. If you don’t have an Internet connection, contact us to set one up in your home or business. You can also access free Wi-Fi outside our local buildings (listed above). Depending on your wireless carrier and cell phone, you may be able to use one of these suggestions as an option to continue to use your phone.

Wi-Fi Calling: Some cell phone carriers allow you to use your Wi-Fi connection to place and receive calls. To activate this option, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to a network. Then, go to your settings and look for “Wi-Fi Calling.” For iPhone, this may be located under your “Phone” or “Cellular” settings. For most Android phones, this is located under “More Connection Settings.” If you can’t turn on Wi-Fi calling, you can also use the Facebook Messenger App to place voice or video calls with a Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi Video Calling: Use your Wi-Fi connection to place FaceTime (iPhone) calls. You can also use the Facebook Messenger App to place voice or video calls. Search your phone’s app store for more options.

Wi-Fi Texting: Turn on Wi-Fi to send and receive text messages. You can also use your social media messaging features like Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct messaging, or Twitter Messages. Search your phone’s app store for more options.


If you would like to turn on landline phone service, contact us at 888.758.8976. Review pricing and options online: Residential Business.

*SKT does not endorse any phone carrier, phone equipment, or apps. SKT reserves the right to discontinue free Wi-Fi at its discretion.