SKT has served Clearwater since 1951, and this investment in Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) represents SKT’s continuing commitment to our customers and to the community. FTTP availability will also make Clearwater even more attractive to families and businesses looking for a new location to live, work, and thrive.

Fiber to the PremisesFiber to the Premises (FTTP) refers to the installation and use of fiber optic cables to carry digital information directly to homes and businesses. These cables can contain anywhere from one to hundreds of individual fibers, which are long, thin strands of pure glass about the diameter of a human hair.

Who will we see working in our area while this project is underway?

SKT staff will be performing portions of the work; however, due to the large scope of this project, SKT has hired several contractors. EPI Communications Consultants is assisting with the engineering design, Wichita Electric Company, Inc., will help with construction needs, and an additional contractor will work with SKT on installations. All SKT FTTP contractors will be easily identifiable. Their vehicles will display our logo, and their staff will be wearing badges showing they are SKT contractors.

When will the project begin?

While the design phase of the project has been underway for more than a year, the Clearwater community will begin seeing SKT, EPI Communications Consultants, and other contractors working in the community as early as February 2017, and that work will continue through the end of the year.

Will any changes be necessary at my location?

Yes, a box called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) will be mounted on the exterior of your home or business. It contains the electronics that convert a signal of light from the fiber, facilitating telephone and Internet services. The ONT measures 12 inches x 10 inches x 4 inches.

In addition, there will be a box installed to supply power to the ONT. This box will also contain a battery backup in case of a power outage. It measures 8 inches x 7 inches x 4 inches.

Optical Network Terminal

Optical Network Terminal

What can I expect during the FTTP upgrade?

SKT will be working with FTTP contractors to accomplish the following:

• You will be contacted to set up a time to meet with our FTTP contractor. During that meeting, the contractor will discuss placement of the ONT and fiber optic line to your home or business and will install the ONT.

• The next step is burying the fiber optic line to your premises, and within a few weeks your fiber line will be spliced to connect to your ONT. It will not be necessary for you to be present while this work is being performed, and you will see no changes in your SKT services at this time.

• When your fiber optic line is in place, you will be contacted to discuss your SKT services and to schedule an appointment to move your services to your new FTTP connection.

Will FTTP change how my current SKT services work?

FTTP will replace the infrastructure that currently provides telephone and cable modem Internet services to areas within the city of Clearwater. Customers will see no change in the way their telephone service works. SKT high-speed Internet customers will no longer need an Internet modem, as the ONT eliminates the need for one. SKT’s existing cable infrastructure will continue to provide cable TV service

Bandwidth Capacity

Think of how your Internet usage has evolved during the last few years. If you’re like most people, you’re doing — and expecting — a lot more from your Internet connection. Have you counted the number of connected devices in your home, and do you know how much bandwidth each of those devices uses? Now imagine how much bandwidth you will need in two, five, or even 10 years. Fiber optic cable will allow the transport of virtually unlimited bandwidth to meet your needs today and into the future.

Service Reliability  

Fiber optic cable is tremendously reliable and has greater tolerance of conditions that can negatively affect copper or coaxial lines, such as temperature fluctuations, severe weather, moisture, and interference from electronics and radio signals.

Future Flexibility  

SKT’s mission is enhancing our customers’ lives by bringing them the technologies they want and need. We can only imagine what those future technology needs will be, but we do know that FTTP is a big step in preparing to meet those needs.

FTTP Updates

SKT Completes Fiber Project In City Of Clearwater

Thank you, residents and businesses, for your patience as SKT constructed and connected a brand-new Fiber-to-the Premises network within the City of Clearwater. Over 850 customers have been connected and this large project has now been completed. The goals of virtually unlimited, tremendously reliable Internet have been reached -- and [...]

Clearwater Fiber Deployment Zones

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FTTP Videos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Clearwater FTTP Customers

Yes. The new fiber optic lines will replace the infrastructure that currently provides both your telephone and cable modem Internet services, but you will see no change in the way your telephone service works, and no extra charges for your telephone service.
No. SKT Cable TV services will remain the same and will continue using the current infrastructure to your home or business.
No. There will not be any charges for the installation of the fiber to the premises. In fact, it is a good idea to go ahead and have it done, even if you don’t plan to use it now – you may later, and if not, it is a great future selling point for a home or business. To have FTTP installed later would probably involve charges.

Yes. When your Internet service is moved to FTTP, you will see an increase in your bandwidth. Most SKT FTTP customers will double or triple their current speed, and there will be a minimal price increase for the change. An SKT Customer Care Representative will review these changes with you prior to your service being moved to FTTP.

The cable modem will not be needed, and is yours to keep and do with as you choose. You will need a router, and we recommend updating your router during the FTTP installation process. Many routers are not able to handle these greater bandwidth packages, which causes them to limit the bandwidth you receive, negatively affecting your Internet experience. SKT now leases GigaCenter managed routers, so you never have to worry about replacing, repairing, or upgrading the software for your router again. Plus, the new SKT GigaCenter allows you to log into your router from an app on your smartphone to see what devices are connected, how much bandwidth each one is using, plus you can change your router settings and password. Parents, the GigaCenter lets you place parental controls on your router, helping to keep your family safe online.
The final connection and installation of fiber into your home or business will take approximately four hours. An adult (at least 18 years old) needs to be present. Evening and weekend appointments will be available. The fiber will be connected in the box outside and an Ethernet cable will be taken inside and hooked up to the router. If you will be installing a GigaCenter router, the technician will install and secure the router and connect all devices in the home.

SKT is excited about the robust Internet connection that fiber will provide to our customers. When we install the fiber to your home or business, there are a couple of things that customers must understand to ensure that they have the best possible Internet experience:

  1. SKT will make a speed recommendation when we schedule your fiber installation. This recommendation is based upon your current speed, usage by your household or business, types of devices you have connected, and how many devices you have (smart TVs, gaming systems, PC, tablets, smart phones). It is important to increase your bandwidth to this level to ensure you have adequate speed for all your devices.
  1. Your wireless router is the second part of the equation when it comes to having a reliable wireless network. Technology has changed rapidly over the past couple of years and it is imperative that your wireless router is new enough to support that technology. SKT has two wireless router options available for purchase or for lease – or you may choose to purchase a router on your own.

We are finding that most Internet issues reported to us after fiber has been installed are due to the use of older-model routers, which are not capable of handling multiple devices and streaming connections. These troubles have been easily resolved, once a router that meets the requirements of the network is installed. The analogy we like to use is this:  The fiber connection to your home is like a fire hose. It provides a strong, steady Internet stream to your home, but if you choose to keep an old router, then you are forcing that stream through a drinking straw, which doesn’t allow an adequate signal to get to all the devices in your home. Please call SKT at620.584.2255 or email We also have Live Chat available at during business hours.