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SKT Connection – November 2018

SKT Internet is a "Game Changer" for Elk Falls Pottery For more than 40 years, Steve and Jane Fry have hand crafted pottery in Elk Falls, a southeast Kansas town with less than 100 residents. Their business has provided the kind of "homegrown" lifestyle they've come to love. SKT Internet has been a game changer [...]

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A quick reminder that it is “Food for Fines” month at Clearwater Public Library.   For each non-perishable food item you bring in $1.00 will be taken off your fines. Does NOT apply to Hotspots.  We are making it easy to encourage all to share.  You may drop off food items even if you do not [...]

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SKT Internet is a “Game Changer” for Elk Falls Pottery

Steve and Jane Fry’s love for pottery began in 1970 at Hesston College where they were fortunate to be under the instruction and inspiration of Paul Friesen, a seminarian and pastor who launched the college’s visual arts program. Weaving together his faith and interest in the arts, Friesen taught that the visual arts can be [...]

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Donate to Your Local Food Bank

Want to Help Others Have Happy Holidays? You Can! With the holiday season now approaching, we think of others who may need some extra help to get through it all – with plenty and joy. There are people and processes already in place to help achieve that goal. We’ve contacted four food banks within the [...]

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More than 1,500 Expected at Elk Falls Outhouse Tour

For people unfamiliar with the Elk Falls Outhouse Tour & Contest, it may be a bit of a head-scratcher, but it has turned into a huge win for the community – annually bringing in 15 times the number of residents of the small southeast Kansas town. It’s been more than 20 years since the Friends [...]

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Fall is finally in the air and that means Elk Falls is moving forward for their 23rd annual Outhouse Tour, November 16 and 17.  It’s always the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving when this resourceful little community kicks off the holiday season by sprucing up their privies!  It's a fun family festival with a quirky [...]

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