Notice to SKT email users:  There are currently some issues with the servers that allow some customers to log into their SKT email.  SKT is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please call SKT Customer Care at 888.758.8976.


There are currently no known service interruptions. If you are experiencing issues with your SKT service, please contact us immediately at 888.758.8976. Thank you.

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SKT Service Areas

SKT serves communities in seven South Central and Southeast Kansas counties.



Atlanta, Beaumont, Belle Plaine*, Burden, Cambridge, Cedar Vale, Clearwater, Dexter,
Elk Falls, Goddard*, Grenola, Howard, Latham, Leon, Longton, Moline, Mulvane*,
Peck, Piedmont, Reece, Rosalia, Severy, Viola

*SKT service area includes the rural Belle Plaine areas of S. Hillside St., Nickelson Addition, and S. Oliver Rd.  Goddard service areas are Beaver Creek Rd. and Lake Waltanna.  Mulvane service areas are rural areas including Country Estates, N. Fortner Rd., Greenfield Addition, S. Hillside St., Paradise Valley, and Wenzel Dr.

“SKT employees are always so kind, helpful, and polite. I have talked to many companies over the years and none of them have provided the level of customer care that SKT provides!”

Donna -- Howard, KS

“Prompt, courteous, professional service – via phone or if I need a house call. SKT is always there for us! I love the service we have received from them and wouldn’t change it for anything!”

Dena -- Viola, KS

“I want to thank SKT’s employees and after-hours tech support for helping me with the issues I experienced when upgrading to Windows 10.”

Barbara -- Clearwater, KS

“It’s great to have a local provider with unlimited Internet and actual people I can talk to when I need help.”

Diane -- Grenola, KS

“I am excited about my new SKT Internet service! I recently moved to Clearwater and with my previous provider, I could only get 4.0 Mbps and the price is the same as the SKT 25.0 Mbps speed.”

Buddy -- Clearwater, KS

“SKT gives impeccable customer service! I can honestly say no other company would be so quick to remedy an issue like they do!”

Jennie -- Clearwater, KS

“SKT has always helped solve any problems I have. If you have another Internet provider, you would not get the same great service.”

Barbara -- Clearwater, KS

“After having my new SKT managed router installed, we can connect to all our devices throughout the house — and we even have a wireless signal on our deck!”

Michelle -- Clearwater, KS

“With our SKT Fiber connection, everyone in our family can use the Internet at the same time without lagging on my son’s games or buffering while we stream movies. We love it!”

Andrea -- Clearwater

“Adding an SKT Mesh wireless extender allows me to be able to connect in all the rooms — including the back bedroom where my grandchildren like to play and stream Netflix.”

Pat -- Belle Plaine, KS

“Thanks for the good service you provide!”

-- Lori

“We are very pleased with the speed of our new fiber. We moved to 100 Mbps and it has provided a great experience for our Clearwater Wellness Center members. It’s very fast and allows several people to be connected at one time without slowing down at all!”

Tricia -- Clearwater Wellness Center

“SKT has helped tremendously with the growth of our business — through great customer service and determining which Wi-Fi accessibility program works best for our small business.  It is always super-fast processing, which makes us and our customers very, very happy.”

Debbie Klausmeyer -- Klausmeyer Dairy Farm & Pumpkin Patch