SKT TV Trends June 2017

//SKT TV Trends June 2017

SKT TV Trends June 2017

See Tips to Prevent Eye Strain While TV Watching – What’s Happening on TV at SKT – June 2017

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Summer is officially here! Come in from the heat and watch The Bachelorette find love (and drama). Team Ninja Warrior pits three-person teams against each other in a tough obstacle course competition. On the lighter side, Whose Line Is It Anyway? guarantees laughs. You never know what you’ll get on that zany improv show! Guilty Pleasures lets you in on the secret indulgences of Food Network stars. And don’t miss the hysterical SNL skit we found.

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Team Ninja Warrior Triples the Excitement DARE TO WATCH © 2017 NBCUniversal, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A Division of NBC Universal
Prevent Eye Strain Are You In The Dark About Eye Strain?
If your eyes feel tired after marathon movie watching in a dark room, it’s because they probably are tired. When you view a TV screen in a dark room for long periods, your eyes have to work harder due to:

  • Focusing at one distance in poor lighting
  • Too much contrast between the screen and the rest of the room
  • Reduced blinking

To help prevent eye strain, keep the room softly lighted. It’s also a good idea to consciously make an effort to blink more often and to get up periodically to give your eyes a break.

SNL Skit Spoofs The View ENJOY THIS 1999 GEM © 2017 NBCUniversal Media, LLC
The Bachelorette The Bachelorette is Searching
for a Soulmate on ABC

Rachel Lindsay was a fan favorite on The Bachelor, and now she’s on her own hunt for a hunk. Follow her on Twitter to get the inside scoop. Watch how she won the First Impression rose as a former contestant. Looking for love? Apply to be on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

© Disney. All rights reserved.

CW's Zany Whose Line Is It Anyway? SEE IMPRESSIVE IMPROV © 2017 The CW Television Network.
Food Network Food Network Stars Share
Their Guilty Pleasures

Food Network stars reveal their secret indulgences on this hit show. Drooling over that mason-jar sundae? Locate featured restaurants. If a sandwich is more your speed, find the best one in your state. Find your guilty pleasure, and discover what other viewers are eating.

© 2017 Scripps Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.

Last Month's Poll Winner Viewers Voted, and the
Favorite HGTV Duo is…

Fixer Upper stars and real-life married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines won your hearts and your votes in the May viewer poll. This dynamic duo works with clients to buy and remodel homes on their HGTV reality show. Let’s do the math: Joanna’s designs plus Chip’s remodeling know-how equals overjoyed homebuyers and one inspiring show.
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