SKT Connection – May 2017

//SKT Connection – May 2017

SKT Connection – May 2017

Keep Your Family Connected with High-Speed Internet – Your SKT eNewsletter May 2017

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Two To View – A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don’t Want To Miss

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Me-ore Please!
Ready for your daily cat video? Watch how quickly these two learn how to signal they’re ready for another treat.
Around The World In 2.5 Minutes
Using Google Maps images, this video gives you a bird’s-eye tour around the world including street views of famous cities.
For Safety’s Sake, Equip Your Home With a Landline

Equip Your Home With a Landline In emergency situations, making or receiving phone calls is critical. That’s why it’s important to remember the safety advantages of a landline phone in situations like these:

  • Someone tries to call you in the middle of the night with an urgent message. It could be your child at a sleepover who’s scared and wants to come home, or a family member saying you need to come to the hospital immediately. If you only have a cell phone and it’s on vibrate, you might not wake up, missing the emergency call. The sound of a landline phone ringing, however, gets attention.
  • Your child needs to call 911 but can’t find the cell phone or its battery is dead. A landline phone provides the safety advantage of staying in one place in the home and not needing batteries, so your child can always make the call.
  • A health emergency prevents the caller from speaking. Let’s say your aging parent is disoriented or in pain and isn’t able to clearly communicate to the 911 operator. With a landline phone, the exact home address is instantly available to emergency personnel.

For more details on landline service, call us at 620.584.2255 or 888.758.8976.

Keep Your Family Connected – Get High-Speed Internet From SKT

Keep Your Family Connected

Click here for more details.

FREE Featured Apps – These Three Are Well Worth A Look



Use TuneIn to listen to radio stations and other audio content. Browse by music, sports, news, podcasts, and more.

Learn more…


Use this mobile marketplace to sell your old stuff or buy someone else’s. Sort by price or distance to narrow down your search.

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Runkeeper helps you create a tailor-made running plan, then stick with it. Track your runs in real time or find running buddies.

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Stay Alert – Watch Out For Local Caller ID Spoofing

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Go Pinterest-ing! – Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

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Pretty DIY Floating Flower Table Display

Cute Gone Fishin’ Brownie Bites

Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad

You haven’t started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started? If so, click here.

Sites of the Month – Great Sites To Check Out In May

Learning For Kids – Want to make sure your kids’ brains are active while they’re out of school for the summer? This site has learning modules, games, and videos to help students stay sharp during their break. Topics include art and music, history, math, government, science, reading and writing, and much more.
Make Travel Plans – When planning your summer trip, don’t bother visiting every travel website. Instead, use Kayak to search them all at once. When you enter your preferences, Kayak finds the best hotel, flight, car, and package deals. It also gives you a “buy now” alert if prices are unlikely to decrease soon.
Jamie Oliver Cooking – British chef Jamie Oliver tantalizes viewers at this site with dozens of delicious-looking recipes. Search by category and find scrumptious options like leg of lamb, hot-cross buns, green noodles, and so much more. Visit the special Learn, Family, and Health sections for tips and additional options.
Science Daily – Whether you’re interested in health, technology, the environment, society, or all of them, this site is packed with information. Read how “Pets May Cut Human Allergies and Obesity” or how “Basketball Games Mimic Nature.” Subscribe to the newsletter to get science news sent to your inbox.

Short Tutorial/FAQ – How Do I Update My Browser?

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Get A $10 Credit On Your Next Bill!

The first five customers to email the correct answer to the question below will receive a $10 credit on their next SKT billing. Send your response to Please note — as a courtesy to all contestants, $10 credit will be awarded to customers who have not won within the past 60 days, and we’ll list the winners each month.

Please fill in the three missing words on this sentence, which was taken from our article about safety and landline phones:  “With  a landline phone, the _____  ____  _______ is instantly available to emergency personnel.”

Congratulations to the five customers who won $10 off their SKT billing in last month’s contest:  Larry Canup, Jr., Virgie Curran, Jeremy Greene, Debbie Lane, and Michael Whetstone.

We hope you found this newsletter to be informative. It’s our way of keeping you posted on the happenings here. If, however, you’d prefer not to receive these bulletins, please see the links at the bottom of this email to manage your preferences.

Thanks for your business!

Best regards

The SKT Team

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Clearwater, KS 67026
620.584.2255 or 888.758.8976

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