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/LT Services/Ag Repair — Eagle Parts/ Redneck Dealer/


Pictured here -- on Park Street in Clearwater -- are Bob, EPI, Inc., Inspector, along with Wichita Electric Company Co., Inc., employees, Manuel, Alberto, and Joel. Today, April 20, 2017, they are blowing fiber from the Park & Prospect area to the SKT Central Office on Lee St., and also pulling fiber from Tracy & Michelle [...]

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Construction For South Half Of Clearwater Is Close To Completion

Great news! SKT contractors are finishing up laying the FTTP mainline fiber and completing the connections to homes and businesses in the south half of the City of Clearwater. We’ll soon begin the process in the north half of Clearwater. We are so excited about keeping this project moving forward, and are on target to [...]

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Is Your Family Prepared for Spring Storm Season?

As we all know, spring storms can wreak havoc in our communities, bringing with them lightning, heavy rain, and high winds. In some cases, this can lead to flooding and power outages. The good news is that with a little preparation, you’ll be equipped to weather spring storms more successfully: Remember, a lightning bolt can [...]

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Progress — Installing Fiber Optics In Interduct

Exciting progress today! SKT and Wichita Electric Company started blowing in the first piece of fiber today. When you watch the fiber blowing video, you will see a combination of hydraulics and air pressure “blowing” the cable through the interduct. It’s a very cool process that allows them to put in several thousand feet of [...]

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Congratulations to the Clearwater PTO on a very successful “Trucks on Clearwater” event last evening, Tuesday, April 11th from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. The PTO sponsors thought of everything – even having a half-hour of “horn-free” time set aside. We don’t know who had the most fun – those hosting vehicles (from an Army tank [...]

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