Congratulations To The Class Of 2017

/Congratulations To The Class Of 2017/

Splicing Of Mainline Fiber To Drops At 99%

Splicing of the mainline fiber to the drops is 99 percent completed! Installations at homes and businesses continue. As of today, 417 installations have been completed in the City of Clearwater. There are approximately 353 installations remaining. Working seven days a week, and with appointments available on Saturday and Sunday, over 40 installations are now [...]

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Winning with SKT

Congratulations to J. P. Weigand of Belle Plaine, the winner of a 42" LCD TV from SKT. The drawing was held on December 1, 2017, following up on a mailing to SKT Business Customers, inviting them to "Get A Blueprint For More Cost-Efficient Business Communications," offering solutions in Internet, Networking, Local & Long Distance, and [...]

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TV Trends with SKT

If you're having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online. Hi SKT Customer, Take a break from holiday baking, grab a cup of eggnog, and curl up with some great TV programming. Fall in love with Ralphie all over again with A Christmas Story Live! VIKINGS season five will take you back to [...]

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There are a number of ways that winter storms can impact a region and its residents. Winter storms can create a minor inconvenience or paralyze an entire city. These storms can create many hazards, including automobile accidents on icy roads, suffering a heart attack while shoveling snow, or developing frostbite or hypothermia from the extreme [...]

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Today, we recognize the 76th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It was on December 7th, 1941, that 353 Japanese bombers attacked the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, destroying 19 ships and 188 aircraft, killing 2,403 citizens of the United States and injuring 1,178 others. The attacking planes came in two [...]

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