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FTTP Installation — What To Expect

Wondering what to expect with SKT's FTTP installation process?  Check out the new video below with our own Mark Nale.  This video outlines the installation process, so you will know what to expect.  SKT is currently placing thousands of feet of new mainline, backbone fiber optic cable underground within the City of Clearwater.  This fiber [...]

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SKT Night At Belle Plaine Swimming Pool

SKT would like to thank everyone that joined us for our SKT Pool Party at the Belle Plaine Swimming Pool.  We had a lot of fun giving away prizes and snacks.  As SKT representatives, we always enjoy meeting our customers and their families.  Watch for more fun in the future.  Howard we are coming to [...]

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Phase 1 Home Installs Will Start Soon

We are excited to tell you that the first inside home installations should begin next week in Park Glen!  These inside installations will allow your home to be connected to the new fiber.  Drops to the premises are currently being completed in phase 1 and 2.  The drops are the line buried from the mainline [...]

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Crews Place Almost 35,000 Running Feet of Fiber

With the sunshine lately, crews have been making up lost time due to all the rain in the area.  Almost 35,000 running feet of fiber has been placed in the city of Clearwater, along with 97 pedestals and 193 service drops.  Technicians have pulled cable to the main CO and have started the operation of [...]

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Crews Making Progress Despite Rain

Crews are working on the mainline in Zone 2 and drops are being placed in Zone 1.  Over half of the mailline conduit has been installed along with peds and vaults.  You will start to see locates for drops in Zone 2.  Over 90 peds and close to 30 vaults have been installed throughout the [...]

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Phase 2 Will Be Starting Soon

SKT crews report that most of the interduct in Phase 1 is complete and that two of the main fiber runs have been pulled in.  They are beginning to run feeders from the main fiber runs and crews have already completed over 100 drops to homes.  The mainline splicing will start next week.  Splicing the [...]

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Construction For South Half Of Clearwater Is Close To Completion

Great news! SKT contractors are finishing up laying the FTTP mainline fiber and completing the connections to homes and businesses in the south half of the City of Clearwater. We’ll soon begin the process in the north half of Clearwater. We are so excited about keeping this project moving forward, and are on target to [...]

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Progress — Installing Fiber Optics In Interduct

Exciting progress today! SKT and Wichita Electric Company started blowing in the first piece of fiber today. When you watch the fiber blowing video, you will see a combination of hydraulics and air pressure “blowing” the cable through the interduct. It’s a very cool process that allows them to put in several thousand feet of [...]

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How To Block Bothersome Calls

MEALTIME. NAPTIME. ANYTIME. Are you getting the same annoying calls from the same numbers? Did you know that you can easily block these calls? With SKT’s landline telephone services, one of the features is CALL SCREENING. Our households use it with great success. After receiving an annoying call, you may prevent that person from calling [...]

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